As we get to the end of our first year writing content we thought we'd look back at some of the posts that seem to have resonated best with our readers.

#10 - Influence Heroes; - Louis Theroux's Remarkable Ability. Kyle looks at how Louis manages to get people to open up, even about topics that are highly personal to them. The ability to build rapport and engage with people is a key aspect of influence and Louis is an expert.

#9 - Influence Heroes; How To Engage With And Persuade People To Leave The KKK  Kyle looks at how Daryl Davis finds things in common with Klan members to persuade them to leave. Finding any sort of connection with the person you are trying to influence increases your chance of success.

#8 -  Mindful Meditation For Effective Influence. Emma talks about her experiences of using mindfulness to control her emotions more effectively. Emotional self-management allows us to focus on successful outcomes even when we're emotionally invested in them.

#7 - A LESSON In Stress Management. Stress can be a major inhibitor to successful influence, particularly when we are trying to influence internally. Dan looked back at the most useful mnemonic he learnt during his military career - a great way to help other team members, and yourself, manage stress.

#6 - What You Can Learn About Conflict Resolution From Getting An Extension Built. Dan observed different approaches to conflict resolution from the builders working on his house. All of these translate into everyday situations.

#5 - Everyday Influence At Kings Cross Station. Even when all the trains out of Kings Cross were cancelled one customer support worker managed to alter people's perception of her, leading to more positive outcomes. Dan talks about what he saw and why it was so effective.

#4 - Practicing Reciprocity. Unconditionally giving people things they didn't ask for but find useful is a particularly powerful way of improving influence. Dan looks at practical ways of working this into your daily life to improve your wider influence and build postive outcomes.

#3 - Changing Perceptions By Owning Failures. Kyle looks at how positive reflection about mistakes can improve performance and change people's perception of you.

#2 - Why I'm Always Late. This article isn't strictly true - Emma isn't always late. Just a lot of the time. In this article she looks at how personality traits can affect how we are viewed by others.

#1 - A Quick Perception Test. Our most viewed article of the year was Dan's look at how you use a simple list of adjectives to work out how others might view you and how you view others.

Thanks for taking the time to read our insights this year. We hope you found them useful. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.