The CRN On event this week was focused on how channel companies are undergoing a period of unprecedented transformation. Along with the increasing development of technology, new generations of employees are influencing rapid change within organisational culture.

One of the highlights for me was the presentation by Louise Chadbone and Alastair Wynn from Softcat, a company clearly anchored on people and culture. Their key message was that doing the basics well and keeping people at the heart of everything was fundamental to their organisation's success.

At the Applied Influence Group, we see organisations not as machines, but as a cluster of interactions between people, both internally and externally. Therefore, if those interactions are improved through conscious application of sophisticated frameworks, the organisation's culture is enhanced, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity. This can be seen externally when winning new business or growing existing accounts, as well as internally during times of transformational change.

We mirror Louise and Alastair’s message regarding doing the basics well. Our methodology was forged in high stakes situations where we honed the fundamentals of human interaction to influence decision making at strategic and tactical levels.  We found that primitive human behaviours such as empathy and the ability to build trust could be improved through drilling practical frameworks and techniques. This led to our own high performing culture, resulting in achieving our organisation's goals – saving people’s lives. Our clients now use the same strategies and skills we codified to influence internally during challenging times of transformational change.