I’m not sure if the following statement will get the GDPR police after me but it’s OK to remember things about people, in fact it’s more than OK -  it's totally normal.  Now that is clearly a flippant way to start but I am worried about the impact GDPR could have on our day to day interactions with people. I must clarify at this point that my worry probably stems from a lack of understanding but if your inbox is anything like mine, I have been inundated with emails about GDPR and how my data will and won’t be used, so much so that I’ve gone numb to it all.  I want to be clear, I understand the need for GDPR and the issues with storing personal data but the uncertainty surrounding it and the subsequent impact this could have on our day to day interactions is interesting. 

There is more and more business commentary suggesting that the human dynamic of interactions is going to be the differentiator. In relation to sales, the importance of the “how” not just the “what” is becoming ever more important. Many would argue that this has always been the case but with advancements in technology, especially AI, face to face “how” moments may become rarer and if so, even more critical in achieving successful conclusions to our interactions. 

At Applied Influence Group we advise our clients on the importance of understating the people they are interacting with, both internally and externally. We get them to think about the key components of an individual in order to develop a DNA of influence. Having awareness of the Type of person you are interacting with, their Likes and Dislikes and Interests can all assist you in creating an environment for a successful interaction. Where possible, an understanding of an individual’s Attitudes and Beliefs, Motivations and an insight into their Relationships and Networks can really make the difference when interacting, especially when searching for mutually beneficial outcomes. 

Having an awareness of these key areas isn’t anything new, we have done this as human beings for a long time. We advise an awareness of these key areas as they give you something.

First of all, they show that you actually care about the individual you are interacting with.  Secondly, being aware of them allows you to react appropriately when topics of conversation come to light.  You don’t always need to be the one trying to start the conversation, if you know that somebody is interested in a particular thing and that thing comes up in conversation, it’s probably safe to talk about it and will probably be useful. Finally, being aware of the DNA results in you never wasting a conversation with somebody, as no matter what the interaction, you will always be able to develop your understanding of them. 

So, be good, digest and apply the GDPR guidelines but don’t let them impact on your ability to be a human being and remember it's OK to remember interesting things about interesting people.